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We like to share best practices and lessons learned about public relations, content development and digital marketing. We’ve pulled together some of our latest assets – guides, FAQs and blog posts here. If you have any questions about our digital marketing resources or other, feel free to contact us.

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The Startup Marketer Outlook

Discover what’s top of mind for startup marketers, benchmark your own efforts, and spark ideas for new initiatives with this exclusive research report based on our survey of over 250 senior startup marketing leaders. Download your copy for a deep dive into growth, challenges, budget allocation, and more.

A Startup’s Guide to PR Measurement

For startups looking to evaluate the effectiveness of their PR campaigns, cutting through the noise to find a method that fits their needs can be tough. Download this guide to learn which metrics are most important for earned media and how to create the right strategy around them.

How to Stand Out with Data

Set yourself apart from typical startup PR pitches with the actionable insights in this guide. We’ll show you how to give journalists what they want: deeper stories about industry changes and impacts on work culture. Use our action plan to turn data into a strategic PR asset and build deeper relationships with the people who matter most.

A Startup’s Guide To Google Ads

Get your Google Ads program cooking with this in-depth guide to Google Ads – specifically for startups. We dish out some of our secret sauce to help you plan, setup, and measure your campaigns with confidence.

This guide contains 20 pages of valuable and actionable Google Ads insight.

A Startup’s Guide to High-Impact Content Marketing

Turn your content marketing strategy into an accelerated path to closed-won revenue with this in-depth 10-page guide. We’ll show you how to beat the competition in today’s complex B2B buying journey, compare your content marketing maturity to other startups, and give you an action plan that makes immediate impact.

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10 Reasons to Turn up the Heat on Your Content Marketing Efforts

Let the data drive your content strategy. We’ve rounded up the latest research so you can see what B2B buyers need, want, and expect — and how your content can give it to them.

A Startup’s Guide To Attribution

Marketing attribution helps to understand the contribution marketing actions make towards a goal, to optimize the marketing mix and to make better decisions – like lowering the cost of acquisition for increased efficiency.

This guide will give you an introduction to attribution and walk you through the process.

What is Digital Marketing?

Read our full explainer about digital marketing. What is digital marketing? How does it differ from traditional marketing? What’s involved, and how does it support the business? Which tools are required? Find the answers to these questions and much more.

50 Ways to Make Your Marketing More Creative

Learn how to make your marketing collateral sizzle in this guide packed with 50 ideas, techniques and questions designed to help get your creative ideas flowing. We explore ways to improve both personal and team creativity as well as a list of helpful questions to help uplevel your creative marketing game.


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