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Startups need to get the message out. They need to raise awareness, build brand and educate their audiences about their company, category and proposition.


But there’s a gap between what the company knows, and what its audiences know. PR aims to close that perception gap. If only your prospects understood there’s a better way, if only partners, employees or investors could see the potential. That’s where Firebrand can help.


Based in San Francisco, Firebrand leads startups along the path to increased reputation, building strong relationships with customers and community, and towards hitting key business goals. We help your audience see what you see.



As a boutique PR agency specializing in tech and health tech startups, Firebrand focuses on:


Articulating what we need to communicate

Raising Awareness

Increasing recognition for the company, products and leadership

Brand Building

Making positive connections when they think of you


Building understanding, changing attitudes, shaping opinion

Firebrand’s public relations activities include messaging, media relations, influencer / analyst relations, social media marketingspeaking / awards programs, executive visibility, press releases, paid content and earned media.


Corporate Communications

Communicating the company’s mission, vision, values and milestones. Corporate Communications builds brand awareness, it moves the market and it creates value. For startups, this includes announcing funding rounds and management team appointments, shaping the category with influencers, conducting primary research, collaborating with partners and setting standards.


It also involves executive visibility and thought leadership. At an early stage, the senior team is a key asset of the company adding credibility, personality, vision and highlighting potential.

Product PR

Product launches and updates are a staple of startup PR. How can startups make it matter externally as much as it matters internally? That’s down to the messaging, timing, creativity and execution. Firebrand can help you get the most from product PR against a backdrop of diminishing media opportunity.

Executive Visibility

Raising awareness of the senior team and their perspectives on key issues. Executive visibility starts with defining the platform for each spokesperson and their thought leadership point of view. Profiles are raised through speaking opportunities, bylines and columns, pitching around current topics and on social media. This can involve coaching, ghostwriting, and training to ensure execs are on message and consistent.

Crisis Communications

Every startup can have a crisis which threatens their existence. The reputational damage will change the prospects of the company. How the company responds can be the deciding factor. Firebrand has an experienced team of former journalists and communications veterans who can guide you through the storm of reputation management. Better still, let’s navigate around it in the first place.

Raising awareness of a pioneer in hearing heath for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Brand awareness and lead gen PR for digital therapeutics startup bringing millions back to good mental health.

Corporate, thought leadership and technical B2B program for the leader in domestic sourcing and agile software development.

Brand awareness and positioning program for the leader in AI-powered litigation software.

“Collaborative in approach, expansive in vision,
and extremely talented in execution.”

Joey Pritikin, Co-CEO – Tascent










Most agencies are disciplined, hard-working, creative and well-connected. Firebrand is no different. But that’s not why PR campaigns fail:


    • Lack of domain expertise
      the team simply doesn’t ‘get it’
    • Team churn
      eroding knowledge and relearning lessons 
    • Lack of senior involvement
      placing too much pressure on junior staff
    • Lack of proactivity
      not enough ideas or opportunities
    • Poor writing
      leading to redrafts and a slow campaign

    • Experienced team
      averaging over 15 years in the sector
    • Engaged culture
      involuntary team churn in 2018 was zero
    • Hands-on
      the senior team is involved on a daily basis
    • Media savvy
      close to the issues bringing opps your way
    • Award-winning copy
      staffed with recognized journalists

You can find out more about why we are different here. We’ve also put together a ‘Safe Start’ Pledge for new clients to ease the transition to a new firm, avoiding common pitfalls.


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