Client Testimonials

We love our clients, and here are a few kind words they say about us.


“Collaborative in approach, expansive in vision, and extremely talented in execution.”

– Joey Pritikin, Chief Product Officer – Paravision

“Marketing for startups is a blend of art and science. You need creativity and vision, as well as deep practical experience to know what works at each stage. The Firebrand team understood our space, brought ideas and energy, as well as the ability to drive the process and execute.”

– Rich Taylor, Head of Marketing – Mattermost

“Many PR firms claim to be integrated marketing and PR firms but rarely live up to that claim. Firebrand defines integrated PR and marketing with competencies that span PR, web content, search marketing and optimization, and social media.”

– Chandra Sekar, CMO – AppOmni


“Firebrand was right in the trenches with us, giving counsel, driving the PR program and bringing us opps. We were soon able to punch above our weight positioning alongside unicorn competitors. Can’t ask for more than that.”

 Adam Harris, CMO – Copper Banking

“Firebrand has been integral in establishing Deposits’ national profile and expanding our visibility and authority. They are easy to work with and impressed me by taking the time to understand our unique value proposition within the already complex industry of fintech, which we didn’t see with other vendors vying for our business.”

Joseph Akintolayo, Co-founder and CEO – Deposits


“Firebrand’s forward-thinking approach to using Google Ads for B2B has not only helped us to grow brand awareness and drive more leads, but helped us to hone in on generating more high quality leads – especially through remarketing ad campaigns.”

Julia Angell, Senior Director of Marketing – ScyllaDB

“With Firebrand, we took the leap into digital advertising and were able to see huge growth in qualified web traffic, sales, and ROI from Google Shopping and Display ads. The Firebrand team is creative, data-driven, passionate, and easy to work with.”

– Tan Le, CEO – EMOTIV

“Firebrand quickly understood our market position and put together Google Ads strategies that drove quality leads right out of the gate. They were able to reach our audience efficiently and nailed the PPC plan.” 

– Josh Gleason, Vice President of Marketing – Kloudio (acquired by Alation)

“We spent time choosing the right partner for our OOH advertising campaigns. Firebrand was the right choice! Our campaigns were impactful thanks to their team’s strategic planning and execution. I can highly recommend Firebrand to any company looking to accelerate brand awareness.”

Christina Gruen, Head of Brand – Emburse


“Cloud Data Protection is a highly competitive B2B category, with each vendor trying to outrank the others for the top search results. Druva’s marketing strategy has to be well-tuned to maintain its competitive position in the market. Firebrand was able to quickly understand Druva’s SEO opportunities and act on them, driving measurable positive business impact.”

– Ingrid Tseng, Director, Web Marketing – Druva

“As we pivoted into new verticals, the customer personas, messaging and content strategy constantly evolved for our marketing team. Firebrand quickly adapted to our new positioning and developed well-researched SEO technical glossary pages that exponentially increased our traffic from buyers in these new markets.”

– Paige Joseph, Sr. Demand Generation Manager – HEAVY.AI

“Firebrand’s detailed and comprehensive Technical SEO efforts have made a tremendous impact on our site health and behavioral metrics. They have provided valuable guidance, leading to tremendous organic growth through the execution of technical audits that would not have been identified and fixed without their expertise.”

– Jason Stevens, Senior Manager of Creative – Planful

“Our startup moved fast and the website was constantly changing as we narrowed our product positioning. We needed more content on the site to reflect our deep knowledge of the IT security space, but we simply didn’t have the bandwidth to develop a plan. Firebrand coordinated an SEO pillar content strategy that allowed us to establish industry expertise and attract new users searching for a wide range of business-relevant keywords that were otherwise too expensive to target in advertising campaigns. This saved us countless hours and dollars in receiving the valuable traffic we were looking for.”

– Brett Goodwin, VP of Marketing – Shujinko (acquired by A-Lign)


“Firebrand has been a strong strategic content partner over the years and we’re seeing tangible marketing success as a result of our close collaboration. The team brings great ideas forward and has become, in essence, an extension of the Marketing organization that continues to demystify key topics in cyber security with a goal to make the internet safer for individuals and businesses alike.

– Abby Guha, Vice President, Global Product Marketing – Yubico

“Firebrand’s content team consistently nails our executive leadership team’s voice. The consistent and skillful nature of Firebrand’s media insights and relationships has increased our reputation with finance writers at national outlets Emburse had not previously worked with.”

– Tim Wheatcroft, Senior Director of Corporate Communications – Emburse

“Able to deliver content, strategy, and outreach at the highest levels.”

– Joey Pritikin, Chief Product Officer – Paravision

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