Why Firebrand

We’re a startup marketing agency. If you are a tech startup you can have one partner that is not just your PR agency, but also your digital marketing agency and content marketing agency. Here’s what makes us different.


Firebrand is a specialist startup marketing agency working with emerging brands in the technology sector.

We don’t work with large public companies. We only solve the marketing needs of private tech firms. Even within the tech sector, we focus on clients with complex propositions requiring deep domain expertise. We aim to bring a lot of understanding and value to our clients and be the best fit for their startup marketing plans. So we’re not your everyman agency which claims to be all things to all clients. Instead, within our sector, we aim to be the best.


We take an integrated approach to startup marketing.

 Lots of PR and marketing agencies say that – so how do we make it really happen? The primary reason is that Firebrand is a new agency and fundamentally holistic in its approach. There are no internal P&Ls and team members aren’t balkanized into practices. So there are no tribes or silos. Each team member is expected to have one or two specialties but be fully conversant across our PR and marketing services. That’s what makes them great practitioners. Our clients benefit greatly from this fundamentally integrated approach.

In their words

“Many PR firms claim to be integrated marketing and PR firms but rarely live up to that claim. Firebrand defines integrated PR and marketing with competencies that span PR, web content, search marketing and optimization, and social media.”

– Chandra Sekar, VP of Marketing – Avi Networks


Let’s face it, the traditional PR agency model is broken.

It’s plagued by staff churn, bait-and-switch star players and inexperienced staff learning on the client’s dime. We’ve all heard the horror stories. At Firebrand, we solve that with a more senior client team. If most agencies are shaped like a triangle in terms of seniority, with many junior staff, Firebrand is a diamond. The result is far lower staff churn and a team with the skills and experience to get it right the first time: ideal for startups who need a marketing and public relations agency to jump right in and start executing. We offset the cost by being ruthless in eliminating busywork, deploying the latest technologies and focusing on the value-add activities.

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