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Your Content Isn’t Generating Traffic, Leads, or Revenue

Your content is not making the impact it should be, despite all of your hard work to create it. You need a gameplan to get more from it. Where should you focus your time and resources? 

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A Comprehensive Assessment to Develop a Content Marketing Roadmap

Firebrand’s Content Marketing Audit will take a deep dive into your strategies, tactics, and data to identify issues and opportunities. Our end-to-end approach will assess:

Existing content assets

    • Asset mapping – Do you have content in all sections of the funnel?
    • Topic and format analysis – Which types of content get the most engagement?
    • Repurposing – Which assets can be repurposed in other formats with a light lift?
    • Best practices – Do your assets adhere to all content creation and distribution best practices? 
    • Data analysis and benchmarking – How does your content’s performance measure up against the competition?


    • Visitor journey – Does your website seamlessly guide visitors through the funnel? Are your value propositions and differentiators prominent and easy to understand? 
    • Resources section – Are your landing pages converting at the rate they should be? Are there any issues that could turn off potential leads?
    • Data analysis and benchmarking – How does your website engagement measure up against the competition?

Email marketing

    • Campaigns – Are you nurturing leads? Do you have enough campaigns to keep your brand top of mind? 
    • Templates and design – Do your emails have a consistent look and feel? Do they adhere to all best practices?
    • Data analysis and benchmarking – How does your email performance measure up against the competition?

Video marketing

    • Distribution – Are you maximizing exposure?
    • Data analysis and benchmarking – How does your engagement measure up against the competition?

Deliverable – A Detailed Path Forward

Once our team tackles these areas, we’ll walk you through our analysis of each one and discuss the key opportunities to transform your current efforts into a high-performance content marketing program. 


What do we need from you?

    • An overview of your issues and content marketing history
    • Access to your martech stack

How long will it take?

The Content Marketing Audit typically takes 4 weeks, subject to access to the martech stack.


How much will it cost?

The Content Marketing Audit is dependent on the extent of your current efforts, but typically ranges from $3,000 to 5,000.


How do you get started?

To commission a Content Marketing Audit, please contact us here:

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