Our Values

What makes a Firebrand? Let’s find out.

Everyone contributes to our culture, but there are five values that unify us.



What works today, won’t work tomorrow. Technologies and best practices change. It’s vital to understand them, to look inside the marketing engine to see how it works and performs. This is why Firebrands have broad interests, stay current, seek learning, improve and question.


You can’t perform without emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well-being. We value our health, and that of those around us. It needs constant investment which is why you’ll find Firebrands pounding the streets running, singing at church, volunteering at their kids’ school, DJing, teaching photography and being involved in local politics. These activities renew and re-energize us.


If honesty is speaking the truth, integrity is acting in harmony with that truth. We value the north star of integrity, even though it can be a difficult path. We don’t need to explain this one, but it’s vital.


It’s infectious and communicates a wide bond between us and our clients. Honestly, we can’t remember a day when we weren’t laughing about some antic or incident. ‘Laughter is the sound of success’ – we just made that up, but we’re going with it for now.


We all have the intrinsic self-discipline to show up and to consistently deliver. Yes, at times there will be the odd sacrifice or tasks we’d prefer to skip, but we willingly do them to be top performers. It’s the price of admission in any field, and ours is no exception.