Meet the Firebrands

Get to know your new favorite marketing agency team. We craft integrated PR and marketing programs that blend experience and creativity with the latest best-practice.


Morgan McLintic

Founder of Firebrand with over 25 years’ experience in technology and content marketing.

Role – Strategy, content creation, senior counsel, commercial operations, the odd idea (often quite odd in fact).

Previously – Founder of digital communications and public relations agency, LEWIS in the US, growing it to 250 staff and $35m revenue.

Lucy Allen

Principal at Firebrand with two decades of technology communications experience.

Role – Client operations, from executing programs that help clients grow their business, to developing Firebrand’s team and services.

Previously – Leadership roles in global agencies: US tech sector chair and Bay Area GM at Edelman, chief strategy officer at LEWIS.

Theresa Carper

Content creator with a specialty for creative campaigns and media strategy.

Role – Media strategy, content creation and management, copywriting, campaign planning, media relations.

Previously – Content manager for a public relations agency, copywriting for a luxury furnishings brand, communications for a smart city startup.

Cole Stark

Digital marketing enthusiast combining creativity with a logical, growth oriented approach.

Role – Digital marketing optimization for organic and paid search, messaging, content strategy / creation and performance analysis.

Previously – Email marketing for a building products company, social media strategist and branding/positioning for a startup agency.

Yasaman Sadeghi

Influencer marketing specialist with a focus on outreach and developing creative campaigns.

Role – Organic influencer relations and paid influencer marketing, media relations, copywriting, ideas and creativity.

Previously – Account coordinator for PR and marketing agency, worked on successful campaigns for various tech companies.

Arman Khayyat

Digital marketing specialist with an analytical background focused on creative, data-driven growth.

Role – Digital marketing including organic and paid search, paid social, data analytics and content curation.

Previously – Digital marketing for SaaS and tech startups, paid advertising and analytics for a startup agency.

Heather McElrath

Communications and media strategist with a background in the financial industry.

Role – Media strategy, content creation, planning, messaging and positioning

Previously – Communications strategist at ACH Network, financial education nonprofit, bank regulator, global bank and mortgage companies.

Mr Cuddles

Spends 18-20 hours per day asleep, and the rest being fierce.

Role – Better than a guard dog but needs careful handling. Don’t put your head in his mouth – he’s not that kind of cat.

Previously – Consultant at Predators United and Mascot for many sports teams. Has always been the top predator, just born that way. Deal with it.

Chris Ulbrich

Former journalist with deep tech expertise, skilled writer and business press specialist.

Role – Messaging and positioning, media strategy, content creation, planning, media training, and senior counsel.

Previously – Reporter for tech publications such as CNET and Wired, in-house comms at Google, 10 years’ public relations agency experience at LEWIS.

Alastair Nee

Digital marketing supremo with web design and performance marketing background.

Role – Digital marketing including organic and paid search, paid social, display advertising, and graphic/web design.

Previously – Product marketing for mobile gaming company, digital strategy for entertainment agency and creative specialist for tech company.

Shane Jordan

Seasoned digital marketing pro with a passion for driving brand growth.

Role – Digital marketing including organic and paid search, paid media, influencer marketing, and data analytics.

Previously – Digital marketing leader for PR and advertising agencies, delivering successful campaigns for enterprise and consumer brands.

Maura Yepez

Media and influencer relations specialist, with a focus on proactive placements for execs, news and thought leadership.

Role – Influencer relations, media relations, social media programs, CSR and social good, ideas and creativity, account management.

Previously – Ran own public relations agency, worked with women tech leaders, served in leadership roles in Catholic organizations.

Josh Green

Content creator and media strategist with a penchant for storytelling and evidence-based campaigns.

Role – Content creation, media relations, messaging strategy and campaign execution.

Previously – Communications director at tech startups and a large healthcare company, media spokesperson for the 2020 Census, journalist, op-ed writer, editor, political scientist.

Patrick Brady

Digital Marketing innovator with a deep performance marketing and SEM background.

Role – Digital marketing including paid search, paid social, display, and data analytics

Previously – Leading PPC focused planning and execution on an array of brands ranging from tech to traditional, and from Fortune 500 to industry upstarts.

Brianna Bruinsma

Media relations pro with a passion for identifying proactive opportunities for executives to share insights & stories.

Role – Media relations, content creation, planning and strategizing

Previously – Account Supervisor for public relations agencies, focusing on media relations, strategy and planning and content creation for enterprise and consumer brands.

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