Meet the Firebrands

Get to know your new favorite marketing agency team. We craft integrated PR and marketing programs that blend experience and creativity with the latest best-practice.


Morgan McLintic

Founder of Firebrand with over 25 years’ experience in technology and content marketing.

Role – Strategy, content creation, senior counsel, commercial operations, the odd idea (often quite odd in fact).

Previously – Founder of digital communications and public relations agency, LEWIS in the US, growing it to 250 staff and $35m revenue.

Lucy Allen

Principal at Firebrand with two decades of technology communications experience.

Role – Client operations, from executing programs that help clients grow their business, to developing Firebrand’s team and services.

Previously – Leadership roles in global agencies: US tech sector chair and Bay Area GM at Edelman, chief strategy officer at LEWIS.

Theresa Carper

Content creator with a specialty for creative campaigns and media strategy.

Role – Media strategy, content creation and management, copywriting, campaign planning, media relations.

Previously – Content manager for a public relations agency, copywriting for a luxury furnishings brand, communications for a smart city startup.

Cole Stark

Digital marketing enthusiast combining creativity with a logical, growth oriented approach.

Role – Digital marketing optimization for organic and paid search, messaging, content strategy / creation and performance analysis.

Previously – Email marketing for a building products company, social media strategist and branding/positioning for a startup agency.

Yasaman Sadeghi

Influencer marketing specialist with a focus on outreach and developing creative campaigns.

Role – Organic influencer relations and paid influencer marketing, media relations, copywriting, ideas and creativity.

Previously – Account coordinator for PR and marketing agency, worked on successful campaigns for various tech companies.

Arman Khayyat

Digital marketing specialist with an analytical background focused on creative, data-driven growth.

Role – Digital marketing including organic and paid search, paid social, data analytics and content curation.

Previously – Digital marketing for SaaS and tech startups, paid advertising and analytics for a startup agency.

Heather McElrath

Communications and media strategist with a background in the financial industry.

Role – Media strategy, content creation, planning, messaging and positioning

Previously – Communications strategist at ACH Network, financial education nonprofit, bank regulator, global bank and mortgage companies.

Meghan Jordan

Senior Graphic Designer and creative strategist with a background in tech.

Role – Designing across digital platforms, creative planning and strategy.

Previously – Design and marketing at global event agency, producing digital and print assets for a variety of tech clients.

Chris Ulbrich

Former journalist with deep tech expertise, skilled writer and business press specialist.

Role – Messaging and positioning, media strategy, content creation, planning, media training, and senior counsel.

Previously – Reporter for tech publications such as CNET and Wired, in-house comms at Google, 10 years’ public relations agency experience at LEWIS.

Alastair Nee

Digital marketing supremo with web design and performance marketing background.

Role – Digital marketing including organic and paid search, paid social, display advertising, and graphic/web design.

Previously – Product marketing for mobile gaming company, digital strategy for entertainment agency and creative specialist for tech company.

Shane Jordan

Seasoned digital marketing pro with a passion for driving brand growth.

Role – Digital marketing including organic and paid search, paid media, influencer marketing, and data analytics.

Previously – Digital marketing leader for PR and advertising agencies, delivering successful campaigns for enterprise and consumer brands.

Maura Yepez

Media and influencer relations specialist, with a focus on proactive placements for execs, news and thought leadership.

Role – Influencer relations, media relations, social media programs, CSR and social good, ideas and creativity, account management.

Previously – Ran own public relations agency, worked with women tech leaders, served in leadership roles in Catholic organizations.

Josh Green

Content creator and media strategist with a penchant for storytelling and evidence-based campaigns.

Role – Content creation, media relations, messaging strategy and campaign execution.

Previously – Communications director at tech startups and a large healthcare company, media spokesperson for the 2020 Census, journalist, op-ed writer, editor, political scientist.

Patrick Brady

Digital Marketing innovator with a deep performance marketing and SEM background.

Role – Digital marketing including paid search, paid social, display, and data analytics

Previously – Leading PPC focused planning and execution on an array of brands ranging from tech to traditional, and from Fortune 500 to industry upstarts.

Brianna Bruinsma

Media relations pro with a passion for identifying proactive opportunities for executives

Role – Media relations, content creation, planning and strategizing.

Previously – Account Supervisor for public relations agencies, focusing on media relations, strategy and planning and content creation

Mr Cuddles

Spends 18-20 hours per day asleep, and the rest being fierce.

Role – Better than a guard dog but needs careful handling. Don’t put your head in his mouth – he’s not that kind of cat.

Previously – Consultant at Predators United and Mascot for many sports teams. Has always been the top predator, just born that way. Deal with it.

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