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Congrats to MapD in raising $25m led by NEA

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We’re delighted to see the news out today that GPU-powered data analytics company, MapD has closed a $25m B Series round led by NEA, with investors including NVIDIA, Vanedge Capital and Verizon Ventures. Occasionally you come across a company with technology which is truly jaw-dropping. The kind with an order-of-magnitude improvement over current systems. MapD is


Who is your target client?

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The first priority when starting a new firm is to build up the roster, hire the core team, establish the processes and get some reference campaigns. You can’t build a business by saying ‘no’. So you’re not too concerned about your ‘target client’. But saying ‘yes’ all the time is dangerous. You have to be


A farewell to job titles

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As we grow Firebrand, we’re sharing decisions in starting up an agency. One early debate is about job titles – namely what they should be, which levels and who gets what. Instead, we opted to kill job titles entirely. Here’s why.


HARO under fire for unverified sources

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HARO links reporters with sources for articles they are writing. Widely used by PR firms and mainstream media, cases have surfaced where the system has been abused and sources quoted without checking. But why is this happening, and what can be done to stop it?


Twitter launches 360 livestream capability

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We talk to PRWEEK about Twitter’s latest 360 livestream feature and what it means for brands.


Happy Holidays from Firebrand Communications!

We hope you find the time over the holidays to recharge and celebrate with friends and family! Thanks for all your support this year!


Four ways a PR agency can suddenly shut down

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A PR agency is a simple business commercially. Which is why the news of a sudden agency shutdown is a surprise. But what causes agencies to collapse and how can we avoid it?


Five more lessons from starting a PR agency

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So here we are in month three of starting a PR agency. Time to share some more lessons with you.


Five press tips for startups after the election

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Since the election, the media cycle has been working overtime. Team Firebrand has been analyzing the Valley and national media coverage closely. Below are five suggestions for startup teams wondering about post-election press strategy.


Most people don’t think like you

We don’t all think the same – so why do we believe most people share our opinions? And why are we surprised when they don’t? Welcome to the world of biases.

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