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Digital marketing is complex. Startups must find the right combination of creativity, tactics and technology to grow awareness and convert traffic.


Successful digital marketing isn’t about tools, incremental improvements or comparisons with traditional marketing. It’s about timing, insight and execution. The tactics which yield the best returns today, won’t be the ones you rely on next year. That’s where Firebrand Communications can help.


Firebrand helps startups develop the maturity of their digital marketing programs. From the first forays into search optimization to the latest paid search or account-based marketing techniques, we help your team understand their marketing metrics and meet key business goals.



As a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in tech and health tech startups, Firebrand focuses on:


Articulating what we need to communicate

Marketing Ops

Configuring the martech stack and campaigns

Marketing Strategies

Lead generation, demand generation, inbound marketing, campaign planning, marketing plans

Channel Management

Organic and paid search, remarketing, display advertising, social media, ABM and email marketing


Creating baselines and improving performance

Audit & Measure

Adjusting the mix, allocating budgets

Firebrand’s digital marketing services include digital marketing strategy, marketing campaign management for SEO, SEM, paid social, display advertising, remarketing, CRO, ABM and email marketing, as well as marketing tech integration, measurement, mix optimization and auditing.



Brands need to be found online. The best proposition and the most compelling content will be overlooked by potential audiences unless they rank highly. So every brand engages in search engine optimization, with disproportionate traffic going to those who succeed.


Good SEO requires a clear strategy, commitment and an understanding of user experience. Activities include technical and on-page optimization, link building and a consistent flow of highly optimized content. Brands which invest in the myriad of holistic, white-hat SEO techniques will win the clicks and conversions.

Paid Search and Display

Paid search – aka “SEM” and “PPC” – ensures your brand appears when your audiences are looking for topics you care about. A search can indicate buying intent, which is demand your startup can satisfy to grow your business. But those clicks can be expensive with little return without savvy implementation and constant management.


Display advertising can put your messages in front of the right target audiences in a measurable way. While remarketing can remind those familiar with the brand about offers and events. The combination provides a powerful way for brands to build recognition and drive conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Visitors are coming to your site and bouncing before taking action. It may be they aren’t at that stage in their process, or perhaps your page isn’t performing. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) helps brands understand what to change to improve results from landing pages. Heatmaps and scroll maps can show visitor behavior. Design, layout and content changes can be A/B tested on a path to improved performance and a fully optimized web design.

Account-Based Marketing

Large enterprise sales take a united effort between sales and marketing. Identifying key stakeholders in named accounts and creating a surround sound of key messages is the remit of account-based marketing (ABM). Startups can begin to adopt ABM techniques, even while the organizational, cultural, technical, and operational changes are implemented. ABM is more than a new marketing platform, it’s an approach which should improve win rates and penetration with milestone customers.

Paid and organic search, display and social media for multicloud application services pioneer.

Paid search, SEO and email marketing for neurotech innovator.


Paid and organic search for leader in GPU-accelerated analytics.

Organic and paid search for AI-powered litigation platform.

“Firebrand understood our space, brought ideas and energy, as well as the ability to drive the process and execute.”


Rich Taylor, head of marketing – Mattermost








Most agencies are disciplined, hard-working, creative and tech savvy. Firebrand is no different. But that’s not why digital marketing campaigns fail:


    • Lack of domain expertise
      the team simply doesn’t ‘get it’
    • Team churn
      eroding knowledge and relearning lessons 
    • Lack of senior involvement
      placing too much pressure on junior staff
    • Lack of proactivity
      not enough ideas or new techniques
    • Poor approach
      cookie cutter strategy which doesn’t work

    • Experienced team
      averaging over 15 years in the sector
    • Engaged culture
      involuntary team churn in 2018 was zero
    • Hands-on
      the senior team is involved on a daily basis
    • Innovating
      close to the latest tactics
    • Specialists
      focused on this space so we know what works

You can find out more about why we are different here. We’ve also put together a ‘Safe Start’ Pledge for new clients to ease the transition to a new firm, avoiding common pitfalls.


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