Firebrand is a

Content Marketing

We’re also a Digital Marketing Agency and PR Agency.

Content is the lifeblood of any marketing program. But there’s not enough attention to go around. Most content is ignored.

Startups struggle to produce great content.

They are resource-constrained. Subject matter experts don’t have the time, and can lack the skills to get the message across. That’s where Firebrand Communication’s content marketing services can help.

Based in San Francisco, Firebrand is a B2B content marketing agency that helps startups find their unique voice and perspective, then creates an editorial calendar of compelling content. We apply content to paid, earned, owned and shared programs, as well as directly in lead generation, sales and other promotional activities. This engine room of compelling content then feeds marketing programs to hit key business goals.


As a content marketing agency for startups, Firebrand focuses on core content programs:


Articulating what we need to communicate

Content Strategy

Developing the approach and editorial calendar


Content Creation

Production and management of the materials

Content Promotion

Publishing and amplifying assets


Firebrand’s content marketing agency activities

include advertising copy, press material, blog posts, search-optimized web copy, marketing collateral, thought leadership articles and white papers among others.

What types of
content marketing services
do we provide?


Every brand wants to reach its audiences through press coverage. But a reporter isn’t there to carry your messages. Reconciling the needs of a journalist with a positive perception of your startup is the role of the PR team. Central to that is crisp, accurate and timely copy. That might include press releases, statements, quotes, bylined articles and opinion pieces. Or it could be a visual asset like an infographic or video. All of it must tell a story – your story.


The best copy in the world is worthless if no-one reads it. Creating content that produces healthy organic traffic requires proper search engine optimization. But no-one wants to read terrible, bad, awful, ghastly, ugly, annoying copy stuffed with keywords. This Frankencopy doesn’t serve the user or ultimately your startup. The relationship between SEO and content marketing is delicate – knowing how to create and optimize high quality content for crawlers and readers, while staying on-brand is a balancing act. This might include search optimized web pages, anchor pages, glossary terms, blog posts and bylines. Let your copy rank highly when your audience is looking.


If you are paying to put your message in front of your audience, it needs to count. People are constantly exposed to advertising and adept at tuning it out. So yours needs to cut through. That means telling a story which resonates. Yes, ad copy needs to tell a story, just in a shorter format. Stories shape emotions and drive results. So whether it’s a banner ad, remarketing, search copy, or native advertorial, the copy must pack a punch.


Most startups by definition are innovating. That novelty needs to be understood by audiences if it’s to be embraced. Educational content marketing material can be tailored to the needs of each group along the adoption path (or sales funnel). From high level demand-gen explainers to specific implementation how-tos, transmitting key messages in a compact and compelling way is critical. This can include white papers, guides, sales material, slideshows, webinars and product collateral. Each must lead your target audience down the path of understanding.


It can take fifteen touches before a prospect takes action. During that time, your brand is building trust. Each encounter must reinforce the positive image the prospect has of the company. That needs consistently great copy. Whether it’s a drip email marketing program, a flyer, or newsletter, Firebrand’s content promotion services can be your engine for impactful promotional copy.

Social Media

Anyone can tweet or post to a social network. Millions do each day. But only a few brands have a character which audiences are comfortable engaging with. That doesn’t mean a stream of witty zingers, it just means you need to be approachable yet authoritative. We can help with the consistent, timely flow of social content. Social media content creation programs which are proven, and crafted in your voice.


Digital content marketing strategy and development for leader in strong authentication.

Thought leadership, web and SEO content creation for leader in multicloud application services.

Corporate, thought leadership and technical program for the leader in domestic sourcing and agile software development.

SEO and content marketing collateral for API security specialist.

In their words

“Able to deliver content, strategy, and outreach
at the highest levels.”

– Joey Pritikin, Chief Product Officer – Paravision

What makes our content marketing agency different?

Most agencies are disciplined, hard-working, creative and well-connected. But content marketing campaigns do still fail. That’s why we set out to be all those things and more.

Reasons campaigns fail

Our Solution

Lack of domain expertise

The team simply doesn’t ‘get it’

Experienced team

Averaging over 15 years in the sector

Team churn

Eroding knowledge and relearning lessons

Engaged culture

Zero involuntary team churn

Lack of senior involvement

Placing too much pressure on junior staff


The senior team is involved on a daily basis

Lack of proactivity

Not enough ideas or opportunities


We’ll drive the content calendar

Poor writing

Leading to redrafts and a slow campaign

Award-winning copy

Staffed with recognized journalists


Find out more about why we are different here

We’ve also put together a ‘Safe Start’ Pledge for new clients to ease the transition to a new firm, avoiding common pitfalls.


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