Firebrand is a

Content Marketing

We’re also a Digital Marketing Agency and PR Agency.

Content is the lifeblood of any marketing program. But there’s not enough attention to go around. Most content is ignored.

Startups struggle to produce great content.

They are resource-constrained. Subject matter experts don’t have the time, and can lack the skills to get the message across. That’s where Firebrand Communication’s content marketing services can help.

Based in San Francisco, Firebrand is a B2B content marketing agency that helps startups make an impact with their content. We create, execute, and optimize content strategies that span the entire funnel — supporting brand awareness, lead generation, and conversion — with distribution across owned, earned, paid, and shared channels. Our content engine gets startups into market, accelerates their growth, and achieves their most important business goals.


As a content marketing agency for startups, Firebrand focuses on core content programs:

Content Audits

Uncovering crucial gaps and opportunities

Content Strategy

Developing the approach and editorial calendar


Content Promotion

Amplifying assets with proven distribution frameworks


Defining what makes a brand stand out

Content Creation

Production and management of a wide range of written and visual assets


Content Data Analysis

Evaluating KPIs and optimizing for bigger impact

Firebrand’s content marketing agency activities

include content audits, articles, blog posts, infographics, white papers, case studies, website content, email marketing content, advertising content, graphic design, video, and more

What types of
content marketing services
do we provide?

Thought Leadership

Over 50% of B2B decision makers spend at least an hour a week reading and reviewing thought leadership content — meaning it’s crucial to have strong assets that establish your startup as a market leader. That can include articles, blog posts, best practice guides, infographics, and video. Firebrand’s content marketing experts showcase your expertise and make your target audience take notice.


Lead Generation

85% of B2B organizations say lead generation is the most important marketing goal. When you have powerful, insightful content created around your target audience’s challenges, needs, and wants, they’ll happily hand over their email address to get it. Firebrand’s content marketers take your lead generation efforts to the next level with white papers, research reports, webinars, ebooks, and more.

Lead Nurturing

Only 5% of your total addressable market is ready to buy today. Nurturing your leads and guiding them down the funnel with compelling content builds meaningful relationships with the people who matter most — so they choose you when they do decide to make a purchase. Firebrand’s content marketing experts approach leads nurturing from every angle, from drip email campaigns to newsletters, case studies, one pagers, and more. 

Sales Enablement

B2B buyers only spend 17% of their journey meeting with potential suppliers, which means your content marketing library must include everything they need to evaluate your startup’s solution on their own. Sales enablement content like corporate brochures, case studies, product briefs, use case one pagers, testimonials, and explainer videos showcase your brand’s strengths and most unique features. Accelerate your growth with a sales enablement content engine powered by Firebrand.

Video Marketing

50% of B2B buyers rely on video when they’re making purchase decisions — and that number will only get higher as buyers place ever-increasing importance on brand authenticity and trust. Whether it’s learning more about a product or service, watching easily digestible thought leadership insights, hearing other customers’ success stories, or getting to know a potential vendor’s team, video marketing’s impact spans the entire funnel. Firebrand’s experts are your end-to-end customer case study and testimonial videos, thought leadership videos, product explainer videos, corporate videos, shareworthy organic social videos, and video ads.


If you are paying to put your message in front of your audience, it needs to count. The average person sees thousands of ads every day, and is adept at tuning them out. Cut through the noise with ad copy and graphics that evoke emotion and inspire action. Whether it’s a banner ad, remarketing, search copy, or native advertorial, Firebrand’s content packs a punch.


The best copy in the world is worthless if no one reads it. Content must be found — and that means search engine optimization. But no one wants to read terrible, bad, awful, ghastly, ugly, annoying copy stuffed with keywords. This Frankencopy doesn’t serve the user or ultimately your startup. The relationship between SEO and content marketing is delicate — knowing how to create and optimize high-quality content for crawlers and readers, while staying on-brand is a balancing act. With SEO frameworks that include search-optimized web pages, anchor pages, glossary terms, and blog posts, Firebrand makes sure your content ranks highly when your audience is looking.


Thought leadership and lead generation content programs for a leader in expense management and AP automation
Corporate, thought leadership, and lead generation content programs for a leader in strategizing, shipping, and scaling digital products
pantone logo
Thought leadership, lead generation, and SEO content programs for a leader in color expertise
Full-funnel content marketing strategy and execution for a leader in strong authentication
In their words
“Able to deliver content, strategy, and outreach
at the highest levels.”

– Joey Pritikin, Chief Product Officer – Paravision

What makes our content marketing agency different?

Most agencies are disciplined, hard-working, creative and well-connected. But content marketing campaigns do still fail. That’s why we set out to be all those things and more.

Reasons campaigns fail

Our Solution

Lack of domain expertise

The team simply doesn’t ‘get it’

Experienced team

Decades working at startups and the agencies that market them

Team churn

Eroding knowledge and relearning lessons

Engaged culture

Zero involuntary team churn

Lack of senior involvement

Placing too much pressure on junior staff


The senior team is involved on a daily basis

Lack of proactivity

Not enough ideas or opportunities


We drive the strategy, execution, and analysis

Poor writing

Leading to redrafts and a slow campaign


Below-benchmark performance

Overemphasis on production, not on strategy or optimization 


Inefficient and expensive since everything is created from scratch


Qualified writers

We use real, human writers and give them adequate time to produce quality copy

Best practice experts

We know what works, use proven frameworks, and constantly optimize  


Our Multiplier Marketing approach means we draw on expertise and assets from other channels to create efficiencies




Find out more about why we are different here

We’ve also put together a ‘Safe Start’ Pledge for new clients to ease the transition to a new firm, avoiding common pitfalls.


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