Our ‘Safe Start’ Pledge

Wondering what to expect from a marketing agency? These are the foundations of a strong agency relationship.

We understand that selecting the right marketing partner is important.

Beyond the cost and effort involved in switching to a results-driven marketing agency, the time lost cannot be recaptured. That’s why we’ve developed the Firebrand ‘Safe Start’ Pledge that aims to avoid common pitfalls in agency engagements.


No Bait-and-Switch

The team you meet will be the one you work with.

Senior Involvement

Inherent in our model is a hands-on senior team executing the campaign with you.

No Nasty Surprises

If things don’t go to plan, you’ll be the first to know.

Predictable Costs

So you can control the marketing budget.

Daily Activity

When activity spikes, we won’t stop after the third week of the month.

In their words

“Marketing for startups is a blend of art and science. You need creativity and vision, as well as deep practical experience to know what works at each stage. The Firebrand team understood our space, brought ideas and energy, as well as the ability to drive the process and execute.”

– Rich Taylor, head of marketing – Mattermost

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