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Your Data is Unreliable Since Systems Weren’t Implemented Correctly

Your martech stack isn’t properly integrated. Over time it has sprawled with point solutions that measure activities incorrectly or inconsistently. You aren’t sure whether you can rely on the data to make decisions, and there’s no overall performance dashboard.

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Build Strong Martech Foundations for Future Growth Marketing Programs

Firebrand’s Martech Configuration project will connect or reconnect all your core systems so they pass correctly validated data, which can be used for data-centric decisions. Our process will correctly implement the following common martech tools in use at most startups:

System Configuration

    • Google Tag Manager – serves as a connection hub for all systems and allows deployment of tags to track conversions, build remarketing audiences, and more in a flexible no-code way.
    • Google Analytics (GA4) – implementation and customization of GA’s latest version as the ‘system of record’ for general website traffic and user behavior analysis.
    • Google Search Console – allows for a comprehensive understanding of organic search data (keyword rankings, traffic, page performance) and technical health of a domain. 
    • Google Ads – prepare to properly measure the contribution of Google Ads against your business objectives, with connections to GA4/Tag Manager/HubSpot, custom-built conversion tracking, and remarketing audiences. 
    • LinkedIn – set up of Campaign Manager to ensure both on-platform and on-site conversions are accurately tracked and lead data ingested.
    • Hubspot Marketing Pro/Enterprise – connect to the website CMS and ad networks and Google properties so leads flow into the CRM, and Hubspot’s reports use accurate data. (Note – this is not the configuration or onboarding of the full Hubspot portal).

Conversion Configuration

    • Conversion audit – review all conversions currently being tracked in Google Analytics and any existing paid media platforms, check they are firing correctly, mark non-relevant goals for deprecation.
    • Conversion revamp – detect all macro (hard) conversions on the website and ensure they are correctly firing in Google Analytics.

    Deliverable – A Robust Data Model for Digital Marketing

    Our team will review the martech stack changes that have been made with you, and prove that the new goals in Google Analytics 4 (plus and Paid Media Platforms in use) are comprehensive and working correctly. This can then be used to build reports, develop the attribution model and make decisions about performance and budget allocation. The martech configuration project gives your growth marketing activities a solid foundation for measurement. 


    What do we need from you?

    Access to your martech stack with the specified permission levels and each paid media network.


    How long will it take?

    The Martech Configuration project typically takes 4-6 weeks, subject to access to the martech stack.


    How much will it cost?

    The Martech Configuration project is dependent on your tech stack and the number of specialized tools you use but typically ranges from $5,000-$7,500.


    How do you get started?

    To commission a Martech Configuration project, please contact us here:

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