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Start Here to Overhaul Your Paid Media Program

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Your Paid Media Isn’t Performing

Your paid media program is not delivering enough qualified leads at a reasonable cost.
Why isn’t it working? It needs to be fixed and a plan developed to overhaul the program.

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Comprehensive Assessment to Develop A Paid Media Roadmap &
Better Conversion Tracking

Firebrand’s Paid Media Audit will review your entire program, on each of your ad networks, to uncover issues and identify opportunities. Our end-to-end approach will assess:

General Configuration

    • Martech stack configuration – How are your ad networks set up and how do they connect with your website and CRM?
    • Conversion configuration – Are you tracking conversions accurately? Are you missing anything or double-counting?
    • Attribution model – How are you measuring success?

For each ad network:

    • Access and verification – Who has access, and what can they do?
    • Billing – Are there any issues with payment processing?
    • Campaign structure – Is it logical, scalable, clear and consistent?
    • Audience management – Have specific audiences been created and do they accurately reflect your target personas?
    • Bid management and budgets – Are these configured and reflective of your goals?
    • Extensions and settings – Are you taking full advantage of each platform’s custom features?

For each campaign:

    • Targeting – Is it going after the right audience and only that audience?
    • Creative – Does it align with your messaging, brand and focus?
    • Performance – How is it performing against benchmarks and trends?

Deliverable – A Detailed Path Forward

Once our team tackles these areas, we’ll walk you through our analysis of each one and discuss the key opportunities to transform your current efforts into a high-performance paid media program.


What do we need from you?

    • An overview of your issues and paid media history
    • Access to your martech stack and each paid media network

How long will it take?

The Paid Media Audit typically takes 4-6 weeks, subject to access to the martech stack.


How much will it cost?

The Paid Media Audit is dependent on your current sophistication and monthly ad spend, but typically ranges from $5,000-$10,000. This is quickly offset by improved performance and the resulting lead generation.


How do you get started?

To commission a Paid Media Audit, please contact us here:

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