As our paid media practice develops, Firebrand is excited to officially become a Microsoft Advertising Partner. While we have worked on the platform periodically since the agency’s inception, this official partner status signifies the growing importance of the Microsoft Advertiser platform and greater interest from both Firebrand and its clients. 

What does this growing importance mean for startup marketers?

So much of the B2B marketing chatter revolves around Google’s Search and Display ads, but Microsoft Ads offers a unique opportunity for advertisers — the biggest being its status as the number two search engine with over one billion monthly users. Bing accounted for 9.19% of desktop searches in July 2023. But this isn’t just about quantity; there’s stronger quality emerging too. Microsoft has recently moved beyond its core competencies as the platform has rapidly emerged as a leader in the AI space due to its deep integration with OpenAI. For consumers with privacy at the forefront, Microsoft’s partnership with DuckDuckGo offers an unequaled experience for conscientious advertisers. And for the B2B space specifically, its exclusive access to LinkedIn profile information offers unparalleled tactical approaches for campaign activations. 

How does this turn into bigger impact for your business?

Microsoft’s growing network and array of advertising solutions make it an important component for diversifying any PPC program. For our clients, this means being able to offer lower cost-per-clicks (CPCs) and in turn more efficient cost-per-leads (CPLs). Plus, the Microsoft Ads UI provides a unified platform enabling greater reporting, visualizations, and tools to help maximize efficiency and glean deeper insights. 

We’re already experiencing success with clients, and we’ve seen firsthand how helpful this partnership is for better positioning our clients in an ever-crowded marketplace. If you’re ready to see if Microsoft can generate better results for your paid media program, our Paid Media Audit is the perfect first step.

About the Author

Patrick Brady is the Director of Paid Media at Firebrand. With over 15 years of experience he helps lead digital clients through the ever changing world of online advertising. Prior to Firebrand, he led PPC efforts for multiple Fortune 500 companies across the B2B and B2C space.