Fire up (phrasal verb): to start something by lighting a fire; to cause something to start working; to fill someone with energy or enthusiasm

Enjoy all of this and more in our new podcast FiredUp! Whether you’re lighting the kindling at an early-stage startup or adding fuel to a blazing late-stage startup, consider FiredUp! to be your weekly resource for all things new and fresh in marketing. Awareness, lead generation, revenue — we’re talking about how you can get more of all of it.

Get inspiration from interviews with insightful marketing leaders about the strategies and tactics that are sparking success for them. You’ll get the skinny on the latest trends, plus practical tips about PR, content marketing, and growth marketing that you can put into practice ASAP.

But you know what they say about all work and no play, so we’re injecting plenty of fun into each conversation. Learn more about each of our amazing guests in the FiredUp! Five Q&A and share some laughs (and maybe a few facepalms) as we take on Smart People/Dumb Questions. And spoiler alert: we’ll also hand out some freebies from time to time. Because who doesn’t like free stuff?

Learn more about the podcast on our site here.

And while you’re at it, check out our first three episodes. First, we’re going behind the scenes with Anthony Shore to hear what goes into the creative genius of names like Yum! Brands, FitBit Sense, and Tonal. After that, how startups can leverage the power out of home advertising in an interview with Rick Robinson. Then, explore the best ways to build a startup marketing team (including a secret weapon: the fractional CMO) with Alison Murdock.

FiredUp! Is available now for free from wherever you get your podcasts.

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FiredUp! is just another way we hope to help you crush your marketing goals!

About the Author

Nicole Pytel is Vice President of Content Marketing at Firebrand Communications. With 15 years of content marketing and branding experience, she loves combining multimedia creativity with strategic data analysis to help clients reach their biggest goals.