There has never been a more exciting time to be in content marketing.

For starters, content is playing an increasingly dominant role in the B2B buying process. Per Gartner, only 17% of the buying process is spent meeting with suppliers – which means that 83% is spent consuming content to aid in the decision. In a faltering economy where businesses are spending more carefully, the process is even more drawn out, giving rise to the term ‘dark funnel’: today’s convoluted, non-linear, prospect journey where buyer committees gather and share information before eventually landing on a purchase decision. Vendors need to produce content to illuminate every step of that journey.

At the same time, the type of content buyers want is undergoing (yet another) fundamental shift. Business podcasts have exploded in recent years. Gen Z buyers are turning to TikTok for business information. And advances in generative AI apps, like the much-discussed ChatGPT, will not only accelerate certain forms of content creation, but drive up demand for human-centric media like video and require written content to be more engaging.

Our job at Firebrand is to help clients rise to the challenge with great content and smart strategies. That’s why we’re thrilled that Nicole Pytel has joined us as VP of Content Marketing.  

Nicole is, simply put, a content marketing powerhouse. She knows exactly how to finetune a program for optimal results. She can produce flawless, eye-catching content. And she can run as fast as (or faster than) any tech startup. She’s the ideal person to take our busy content studio to the next level.   

Nicole comes to Firebrand with 13 years of experience in content marketing, working with both startups and major tech brands. She has built and led content marketing practices at two prior agencies as well as running her own firm. Before jumping into the world of content marketing, Nicole was a sports and news broadcaster in the Florida and Texas markets.

At Firebrand, she’ll be working with clients to accelerate and optimize their content marketing programs, while introducing a host of new content capabilities. Stay tuned for some innovative offerings later this year. 

About the Author

Lucy Allen is a Principal at Firebrand with two decades of technology communications experience. Lucy leads client operations, from executing programs that help clients grow their business, to developing Firebrand’s team and services. Prior to joining, Lucy held leadership roles in global agencies including US tech sector chair and Bay Area GM at Edelman and chief strategy officer at LEWIS.