Branding is so much more than a logo, it is your company’s entire identity that touches every part of the customer and employee experience. Today, Kate Harris, co-founder and Creative Director of SIREN shares why defining and articulating the soul of the brand is what separates great companies from everyone else. This week, episode 05 of the Fired Up! Podcast is about creating your brand and your company’s visual identity. 

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In this episode of the Fired Up! Podcast, Kate Harris shares the importance of building your brand strategy beyond logo creation and actionable steps you can take right now to develop your brand and maintain consistency throughout your company’s structure.

Kate Harris is a co-founder and Creative Director of SIREN, where she oversees all creative coming through the agency’s doors. Kate has concepted and developed numerous high-profile campaigns for a variety of clients, including PayPal, AWS, TechCrunch, WIRED Magazine, The Red Cross, and the City of San Francisco. Her true passion is bringing new tech and emerging start-ups to life for their customers. Kate believes that defining and articulating the soul of the brand is what separates great companies from everyone else.

Kate, Morgan, and Nicole discuss:

    • The key elements and players that go into creating a good brand.
    • How an established brand can help a startup compete with big-name companies.
    • Common branding mistakes companies make when establishing their brand.
    • Setting the parameters to uphold your brand as it was intended. 
    • How your brand not only your customers but your employees and company culture as well.
    • What to consider when determining if it is time for a brand refresh.

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