We like to think that we understand a lot about buyer behavior with the attribution tools that give us insight into what’s going on when people come to our website. But the truth is, a lot of buyer behavior doesn’t happen on our website, it’s happening in communities, private messages, etc. Josh Grose, Head of Growth at stealth startup, Resolve, brings his expertise to the podcast as we discuss the “dark funnel’s” impact on buyer behavior, marketing, and sales strategies and provides us with insight that might change the way we do marketing. This week, episode 39 of the FiredUp! podcast is about looking inside the dark funnel!

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In this episode of the FiredUp! podcast, Josh Grose walks us through the “dark funnel” or the unknown parts of buyer behavior that happen outside of digital channels and how de-anonymizing user data can uncover valuable insights that change the way we connect with customers. 

Josh Grose is currently the Head of Growth at stealth startup, Resolve, and previously held the role of Head of Growth at Common Room HQ. He is a professional focused on outcomes, usually involving ruthlessly prioritizing the things that matter, a bit of creative problem solving, lots of learning, a healthy dose of collaboration, and plenty of doing.

Josh and Morgan discuss:

    • Signal-based selling is crucial for identifying and engaging with potential buyers within the dark funnel. 
    • Open source communities present unique challenges for identifying users and converting them without the community data. 
    • De-anonymizing user data can provide valuable insights for personalized marketing but must be approached with caution.
    • AI can accelerate go-to-market strategies, however the founder’s experience remains most important for securing funding. 

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