The different types of PR exist on a spectrum. Traditional PR exists to buff a brand’s reputation and bringing exposure to the best parts of the business, whereas crisis management works to sometimes limit exposure in order to save the brand’s reputation. Today on the podcast, FireBrand’s own Chris and Ian sit down to talk about what crisis communications entail, when you need it, and how to prepare your business when a crisis inevitably arises. This week, episode 37 of the FiredUp! podcast is about The Essentials of Crisis Comms! 

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In this episode of the FiredUp! podcast, Chris and Ian sit share what constitutes the need for a crisis consultant to step in and actionable steps you can take right now to get the right people in order ahead of time so you can tackle a potential crisis quickly and head on. 

Chris and Ian discuss:

    • Crisis consultants work with the legal team to mitigate legal risk and reputation damage, making real time adjustments to stay in control of the narrative. 
    • Best practices for startups to know and follow in a time of crisis. 
    • Finding the balance between being transparent and protecting your business by not disclosing information early on. 
    • Defining roles through a CCRT (crisis communications response team) is more important than planning for specific scenarios.

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