Gen Z, a self-reliant, digitally native, and mobile-first generation is entering the workforce and bringing a different approach to business and buyer behavior. Ian Baer, Founder of Sooth, joins us to share what data shows about Gen Z and how startups can rethink their marketing strategies to appeal to the generation leading our economy. This week, episode 34 of the FiredUp! podcast is about Gen Z’s impact on buyer behavior!

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In this episode of the FiredUp! podcast, Ian Baer shares that although often viewed as a “walking meme”, Gen Z is a more financially responsible and self-reliant generation that approaches decisions more thoughtfully. He also shares actionable advice startups can take to get in front of a Gen Z audience.

Ian Baer is the Founder of Sooth, an insights-driven decisioning platform and consultancy that makes marketing more successful for clients, creators, and consumers. He has over 35 years of experience leading some of the largest Ad brands in the world including Publicis and TBWA, in addition to being the President of Rapp Collins (Omnicom) Chief Strategy Office of Rauxa, the president of Big Fuel Communications through their exit and an EVP for Deutch, has some incredible insights to bring to the table for startups.

Ian Baer, Morgan, and Ian Lipner discuss:

    • Gen Z often makes buying decisions based on the values of the company and the opinions of trusted influencers, often skeptical of traditional advertising and reviews.
    • Brands targeting Gen Z should be transparent, provide abundant information, and use a variety of content formats to capture attention. 
    • Gen Z is less career-focused than previous generations and are more likely to have multiple streams of income. 
    • Businesses should lean in with information and advice as Gen Z rejects being sold to, preferring to form their own opinions.

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