Running a startup is inherently risky with a lot of unknowns. One of the ways to address the unknown is by conducting market research to uncover your ICP, understand how big the market is, whether or not your messaging is resonating with the right people and so much more. Sean Campbell joins us today to share how market research can be used to alleviate pains and maximize opportunity by providing clarity on the market. This week, episode 33 of the FiredUp! podcast is about where to start with market research!

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In this episode of the FiredUp! podcast, Sean Campbell shares how startups can use market research to inform important decisions and reduce risk. He also shares the incredible insight you can gain through this type of research. 

Sean Campbell is the CEO of Cascade Insights, a B2B-focused market research and marketing firm helping companies seize opportunities in the B2B technology sector. Sean is a well-regarded consultant, speaker, author, trainer, mentor, and educator. He has delivered talks for Fortune 50 companies and top tier conferences around the world and has written extensively on technology and business topics. Sean has been a professional services firm owner for more than 20 years. His work has spanned consulting engagements with tech giants and startups you’ve heard of, the sale of his first company, and the growth of delivery, sales, marketing, and operational practices inside professional services firms. Sean specializes in helping organizations find success and opportunity in the B2B tech sector via market research insights, smart strategy, and powerful messaging.

Sean and Morgan discuss:

    • Qualitative research through in-depth interviews is often more valuable for startups than quantitative surveys. 
    • Early research priorities should include developing buyer personas and understanding competitive messaging. 
    • AI tools can help build initial personas, but custom research is needed to address bias in synthetic data and other issues not found online.
    • The top 5 research areas that startups should focus their limited resources on.

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