The Content Marketing Institute has released some interesting stats from a recent survey of B2B tech companies. We wanted to join in on the fun and discuss some of what they have found with companies’ use of AI, content challenges, and effective strategies in content marketing. This week, episode 32 of the FiredUp! podcast is about trends in content marketing! 

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Morgan and Nicole discuss:

    • The marketing strategies that Universities use to target potential students and their parents can provide valuable insights for startup marketers to consider. 
    • Marketers widely use AI tools for brainstorming and content creation but having an AI policy in place is essential to ensure ethical use of the technology. 
    • Content marketers often face challenges in creating the right content for their audiences, differentiating this content, and accessing subject matter experts (SMEs) for contribution.
    • As our preferences change and evolve, popular content formats and distribution channels shift to keep up with the trends. 
    • Having a structured content production process, editorial calendar, and internal activation are essential for scaling and repurposing content. 
    • Investing a significant portion of the marketing budget in content marketing is crucial for driving business results.

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