Traditionally, out-of-home advertising has been limited to brand awareness rather than direct response campaigns as it has been difficult to measure. Advancements in technology have created the opportunity for more specific and scientific measurement approaches. Ty Tinker, Head of Analytics at AdQuick joins us to break down how we can use new technology for more targeted and flexible OOH advertising campaigns. This week, episode 31 of the FiredUp! podcast is about measuring OOH advertising!

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In this episode of the FiredUp! podcast, Ty Tinker shares how advancements in technology have changed the approach to measuring out-of-home advertising efforts and actionable steps you can take right now to establish the incrementality of your campaigns. 

Ty Tinker is the Head of Analytics at AdQuick, a platform for planning, executing, and measuring out-of-home advertising campaigns. He is an innovative, forward-thinking data scientist with 4 years of experience using quantitative and qualitative methods of measuring. 

Ty, Morgan, and Ian discuss:

    • Mobile device data can be used to calculate impressions and attribution, using audience segmentation and targeting to track performance and measure success.
    • Retargeting out-of-home exposed audiences can amplify the impact by reaching them through other digital channels.
    • AI and machine learning play a significant role in unlocking the correlation between out-of-home advertising and performance.
    • Startups should view out-of-home advertising as an experiment, set up hypotheses, and measure the results.

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