The difference between content creation and content marketing is the strategy behind the content. Anyone in your company can create content in their area of expertise but it is the intentionality behind the content that takes the consumer on a journey through your funnel, ultimately bringing them to the intended outcome. Today we are joined by Nicole Pytel, VP of Content Marketing at Firebrand as she gives us the insider perspective about common mistakes companies are making when it comes to their content marketing. This week, episode 17 of the FiredUp! podcast is about content marketing audits!

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In this episode of the FiredUp! podcast, Nicole Pytel shares how every piece of your company’s content feeds into the bigger picture of the customer journey and how you can do a content audit to get a grasp on where you are now so you can better see where you need to be.

Nicole Pytel started her career in TV, sports, and news. She has spent 15 years in content marketing, most of that time with startups Nicole ran her own content marketing agency before jumping into the enterprise world with work at Google Cloud’s activation team and YouTube’s B2B ads division. Three years ago she made the move back into tech startups, joining Firebrand in launching our content marketing service   

Morgan and Nicole discuss:

    • How content marketing differs from content creation.
    • Case studies and customer stories go so much further in showcasing the business impact than writing about the mission, vision, and values of the company. 
    • The things we look at in a content audit and what we aim to gather from collecting data in these areas.
    • Mistakes companies are making when it comes to their content marketing strategy.
    • Interactive content is on the rise with brands looking to create more engaging content for consumers. 

Don’t ignore your content marketing. It is the basis for what the world thinks about you as a company. 

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