In every episode we have asked our guests to share their trend predictions for the upcoming year. Trend prediction is a practice we at Firebrand look forward to as well so on this special episode of the podcast, the team is sitting down to look back on the trends we predicted for 2023 and what we expect to come out of 2024. This week, episode 16 of the Fired Up! Podcast is about our 2024 industry predictions!

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In this episode of the Fired Up! Podcast, Morgan, Nicole, Ian and Chris are going through the industry predictions they made last year and breaking down what they got right and what they may have missed the mark on. The team also dives into their predictions for what they expect to happen as we enter into 2024. 

The 2023 predictions we break down in this episode include:

    • Disruptive technologies (like the Metaverse and Gen AI) would not be a big factor for startups. 
    • More startups would move towards account based marketing (ABM) and utilize their existing tools and systems to do so. 
    • There would be a need for more content as buy cycles have extended and startups need to keep their prospects engaged over a longer period of time.
    • Companies would dial into attribution platforms as understanding what marketing efforts are working would become more important than ever before.
    • Companies would revamp their messaging, dialing in more on the messaging that gets right to the pain relief.

The 2024 predictions we cover in this episode include:

    • X (formerly Twitter) will continue it’s decline and the current CEO will be out by the end of Q1 of 2024. 
    • Programmatic advertising is going to get a lot harder due to increasing privacy measures cloaking IP addresses. 
    • Content is going to become more visual and more interactive as the need to capture consumer attention is becoming increasingly difficult. 
    • B2B brands targeting Gen Z will need to start showing up where they are– primarily on platforms like TikTok.

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