While the landscape of tech news is changing, there are some things that remain consistent in their ability to work effectively. Today’s guest, Travis Van, founder of Tech News, shares actionable insight into what we should be focusing on and what to avoid through the lens of tech PR to keep up with the times. This week, episode 14 of the FiredUp! podcast is about the latest tech PR tactics. 

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In this episode of the FiredUp! podcast, Travis Van shares what is (and isn’t) working in tech PR and actionable steps you can take right now to set realistic expectations and leverage the trends proven to get your stories out there. 

Travis Van is the founder of Tech News, one of the very few technologies that has transformed tech PR for the better. From his perch at Tech News, Travis tracks media movies, coverage trends and so much more. Travis is a longtime tech industry marketing and PR pro. He has worked with early stage founders at MuleSoft and Splunk with a particular focus around programming languages, developer frameworks, operating systems, and cybersecurity. 

Travis, Morgan, and Chris discuss:

    • Tech News makes PR better for everyone by providing a solution that cuts down on irrelevant pitches and increases the effectiveness of the pitches that are sent.
    • The evolution of tech PR and best practices in avoiding some of the “antipatterns.”
    • Misconceptions founders have when it comes to PR and what to have in place before seeking coverage. 
    • Leveraging case studies and user stories to build credibility and trust with potential customers.

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