Name a bigger challenge than marketing to an audience that rejects the very idea of marketing. Engineers are known for sniffing out the BS and blocking unwanted marketing efforts from even entering their stratosphere, creating roadblocks for startups that sell to developers. Today’s guest, Erik Dietrich, CEO of Hit Subscribe joins us to share the “right way” to get through to developers through authentic approach and relationship building. This week, episode 13 of the FiredUp! podcast is about DevRel and technical copywriting. 

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In this episode of the FiredUp! podcast, Erik Dietrich shares best practices for reaching developers through content, communities and other authentic engagement strategies, forgetting the traditional marketing approaches that often get denied. 

Erik Dietrich is the CEO of Hit Subscribe, a unique marketing business that helps companies reach software engineers with content. Surprisingly, his background is not in marketing but rather in roles as a programmer, software architect, dev manager, CIO, IT manager, and strategy consultant. Erik has used his diverse background and experience to transition into his current role in technical marketing.

Erik, Morgan, and Chris discuss:

    • How developer relations differ from traditional PR and marketing, favoring more of an authentic approach.  
    • The mix of technical and non-technical skills needed for a DevRel expert to be successful. 
    • Getting creative to reach developers through new channels as many are bypassing traditional media sites. 
    • Creating effective technical content for developers by finding the balance of providing enough information without overwhelming the audience.
    • Pros and cons of leveraging open source communities to create technical content. 

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