The first 90 days are arguably the most important for a new CMO as it sets the tone for the type of leader they’re going to become. Often new marketing leaders are met with a laundry list of tactical ideas that if the focus is on checking off the boxes instead of gaining awareness and driving revenue, the role will quickly turn into a tactical rather than strategic one. On episode 10 of the FiredUp! podcast, marketing leader and advisor, Chris Heggem sheds light on the first 90 days as a CMO. 

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In this episode of the FiredUp! podcast, Chris Heggem shares the importance of establishing yourself as a data-driven, goal-focused leader in the first 90 days and what every new CMO should be focusing on from the very start. 

Chris Heggem is a marketing leader and advisor specializing in B2B tech. He helps companies with unique products and services establish their identity to communicate more clearly with customers, differentiate from the competition, gain market share, and drive revenue. Over the last 15 years, Chris has worked with and advised over 50 Silicon Valley startups to solve their marketing challenges including Noname Security, Avi Networks (acquired by VMware), Yubico, Sofi, and PagerDuty.

Chris, Morgan, and Nicole discuss:

    • The one metric marketing should be measured by. 
    • Where the focus should be before you even join the company and in the first 30, 60, and 90 days. 
    • Balancing the foundational work with quick wins in a time when balance is hard to find. 
    • Getting inside the mind of your buyer to accurately position your messaging.
    • Framing expectations and success for the board in the first 90 days. 
    • Structuring a marketing team with limited resources.

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