In our work, we run into common questions about PR best practices, industry trends, and strategies for startups. As a result, we started a series where our team gets together on the podcast to answer some of the questions we get asked. This week Chris and Morgan answer some of your questions on getting press to attend your events in a post-pandemic world, the best newswire to use, setting a budget for PR programs, and more! On episode 43 of the FiredUp! podcast we’re answering more of your burning PR questions!

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The questions Morgan and Chris answer are:
If you haven’t already listened to the first episode we did on burning PR questions, you can listen to that here.

The questions Morgan and Chris answer are:

    • Are unsolicited emails offering guaranteed coverage a scam?
    • What is the difference between marketing messaging and press/ media messaging?
    • We’re hosting a user conference. Can we get the press there?
    • What is the best newswire to use?
    • How do I set the budget for my PR program?
    • How do I assess the newsworthiness of my new product?

Have your own burning questions? Send them to [email protected] for the chance to have them answered on the podcast!

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