At Firebrand, we aim to keep our finger on the pulse of everything happening in the marketing sphere, sharing it with our audience. So, while most startup marketers are finding themselves in the trenches of their business, trying to figure out what’s working, what’s not, and the best practices to keep moving forward, we decided to get involved and find out. We surveyed 250 startup marketers on exactly this, compiling our findings in the Startup Marketer Outlook report that is out now! This week, on episode 42 of the FiredUp! podcast, 250 startups share their plans!

2024 Survey

The Startup
Marketer Outlook

In Pursuit of Peak Efficiency

In this episode of the FiredUp! podcast, the Firebrand team dives into the key findings, opportunities, challenges, and future outlooks from surveying 250 startup marketers from around the country and at different points in their business. 

Morgan, Nicole, Ian, and Chris discuss:

    • Late-stage startups feel more confident than early-stage startups in their ability to grow, maintain, and reward their teams. 
    • Over 50% of companies are confident about increasing their budgets in 2024. 
    • The top goals for startup marketers are improving overall marketing efficiency and reducing customer acquisition 
    • Data-driven decisions are a focus, but confidence lags in optimization. 
    • Economic uncertainty remains the biggest challenge for early-stage startups.
    • Buyer behavior is beginning to stabilize with the same amount of touchpoints needed, yet turnover remains a challenge. 
    • Nearly half of the companies surveyed are optimistic about conditions improving in Q4 and beyond.

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