In today’s crowded and complex digital landscape, marketers often struggle to effectively target their advertising efforts. Many are unaware of the powerful tools and platforms that can transform their results by automating ad placement across multiple channels. Seasoned marketing expert Richard Lowden joins us on the podcast to discuss how understanding Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) can completely revolutionize your brand’s digital advertising strategy. This week, episode 35 of the FiredUp! podcast gives an intro to DSPs.

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In this episode of the FiredUp! podcast, Richard Lowden shares how DSPs automate the buying and placement of ads, ensuring startups are efficiently reaching their target audience, optimizing their budget, and getting a better ROI.

Richard Lowden is the Founder and CEO at RTBiQ, a tech company that has created a fast and flexible real-time bidding system for leading marketers. Richard brings to RTBiQ over 15 years of experience driving exceptional performance and record-breaking revenue in world-leading media and advertising organizations, including The Weather Company, Weather Underground, and Winstar Interactive. As a founder of the MMA Programmatic Committee, Richard continues to demonstrate his leadership in this rapidly developing sector.

Richard and Morgan discuss:

    • Transparency and portability are essential for the advertiser to fully understand campaign performance and make informed decisions.
    • Attribution can be complex and marketers need to work with DSPs that understand it enough to take a customized approach.
    • The pending demise of third-party cookies presents challenges but is ultimately not as impactful as it’s made out to be.
    • Dark funnel impact will likely increase with the rise of chatbots, but sophisticated marketers can still connect audience behaviors to brand awareness efforts.
    • AI presents potential benefits for programmatic advertising in content creation and audience targeting.

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