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Firebrand founder Morgan McLintic has spent 20 years working in PR and marketing at a public relations agency for tech companies that ranged from startups to industry giants. During that time, he realized some brands have an unfair advantage when it comes to getting attention. Despite similar propositions, some companies generate exponentially more media coverage, engagement or inbound inquiries. Yet they employed all the same PR and marketing tactics as everyone else. How were they doing that?

Some brands have an unfair advantage when it comes to getting attention

The answer is an ability to identify and energize their advocates and brand influencers, making a connection at a human level. The companies that employed a marketing strategy that showed personality and engaged emotionally with their audiences, inspired far greater passion and loyalty among their customers. They were able to use stories, rather than dry facts, to convey their message. They had visible leaders who were trusted, not just because of their experience, but because of their ability to inspire others..

This wasn’t just a coincidence. Developments in neuroscience have shown that buying decisions and behaviors are highly motivated by emotions. The facts mainly support the emotional decisions we’ve already made. Emotions are triggered by character-driven stories. So, if we want to inspire action, we must focus on the people behind a brand and their stories.

Every brand must put people at the heart of its marketing communications if it wants to inspire audiences to act

We call those people ‘advocates’. They may be your employees or your customers. Or They can be your executives or investors. Additionally, they may even be third party influencers. But they all have a story to tell. And those stories will make the difference between a good brand and a great brand.

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And so our agency, Firebrand, was born. A firebrand is a person who is passionate about a cause, incites change and takes action. The key to your success is finding the firebrands for your company.


We founded this public relations agency on the principle that every brand must put people at the heart of its marketing communications if it wants to inspire audiences to act. We use research and analytics to understand how best to connect with your audiences. Then we discover your advocates, and potential evangelists, interviewing them to capture their stories. We turn those stories into content for PR and digital marketing. Finally, we measure the actions taken and iterate accordingly.


Our goal is to help our clients connect on a deeper level with their audiences. Our mission is to inspire action. We can’t wait to help you find your firebrands.



We'll work alongside your team to reinforce strengths and fill in the gaps.


We'll own the results, and our mistakes so the program keeps improving.


Even if we say so ourselves, we have some damn good ideas.


We have domain expertise since we have a senior team.


Someone on your side, who is going to go the proverbial extra mile.


We'll use the same tools as you, from Asana to Slack.



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