Finding an agency already established in the market you’re looking to enter into or expand into is key to the success of your business. That’s why Firebrand has partnered with CommsCo to help US and UK startups and scaleups launch in each other’s markets as seamlessly as possible. On episode 09 of the FiredUp! podcast, Ilona Hitel, founder of CommsCo breaks down what is happening in the UK tech PR market and how American-based companies can make the transition.  

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In this episode of the FiredUp! podcast, Ilona shares everything you need to know before entering into the thriving tech scene in the UK and actionable advice you can take right now to prepare to launch your business abroad. 

Ilona Hitel is the founder of the UK tech scaleup PR agency CommsCo. Her passion is working directly with tech exec teams to develop their proposition, messages, content, and ideas which will raise awareness and differentiate. In tech, this often involves turning complex propositions into easily understood ideas, and building working relationships that spark creativity, backed by a determination to make things happen. Back in the day she had a hand in the launch of Salesforce, Sophos, and MessageLabs in Europe – creating a love of working with early stage tech organizations to maximize awareness of their incredible innovations.

Ilona, Morgan, and Ian discuss:

    • Opportunities for startups coming into the UK media scene. 
    • Leveraging the UK as a starting point to build momentum before expanding further into other European markets. 
    • What US companies need to understand before expanding or launching in the UK and other European countries. 
    • How Firebrand and CommsCo partnership works to help startups launch seamlessly in new markets. 
    • Lead generation and customer references are two of the many goals of UK company PR campaigns. 
    • 2024 PR trends and predictions.

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