No one knows the tech PR industry like today’s guest Sam Whitmore. For thousands of PR pros, Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey is a must-read for its practical advice about newsmakers and publications, and its close attention to the ever-changing media landscape. What mistakes do PRs need to stop making? What publications should they pay more attention to? Where are the opportunities, and why aren’t you getting them? If you’re a comms pro, or just manage comms pros, you won’t want to miss Episode 04 of the Fired Up! Podcast!

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In this episode of the Fired Up! Podcast, Sam shares how media and PR have evolved since he started his career and actionable advice you can use to evolve your practice and keep up with the times.

Sam Whitmore is the founder and editor of Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey, providing tech media analysis and consulting to tech PR pros and media buyers.

Whitmore is a frequent public speaker and often is interviewed regarding tech media and tech PR trends. Whitmore spent 14 years at Ziff-Davis Publishing, and 12 years at PC Week as a reporter, editor, columnist, and editor-in-chief. He later served as a company vice president in business development and served as an on-camera reporter for Ziff-Davis Television (ZDTV) before leaving to launch Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey in April 1998.

Sam, Morgan, and Chris discuss:

    • Patterns in the PR industry that often repeat themselves over the years.
    • The biggest things PR professionals don’t understand about the reporters they’re trying to reach.
    • Publications that brands and PR should be paying more attention to.
    • Common questions PR agencies are seeking answers to in consulting. 
    • Thought leadership’s role in PR and media.
    • The ongoing importance of storytelling in media and marketing.

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